What is sod heating?

Sod heating is a term used when harvested turf is suffering from heat stress due to being rolled up for too long and therefore hasn’t received any sunlight, fresh air or water; an early sign of this is when the turf looks yellow when unrolled. Though turf may have looked perfectly green when it was […]

How to scarify a lawn

Scarifying should be an important part of a lawn maintenance routine. It can leave the lawn looking patchy and unattractive; don’t worry though, this appearance is temporary and for the greater good. By removing the build-up of dead grass, moss and weeds you are providing the healthy grass a better opportunity to strengthen and develop […]

What causes toadstools in a lawn?

First things first, toadstools or mushrooms as they’re also sometimes referred to, are usually a good sign that a lawn is healthy; they are only temporary and not something to be too concerned about. Toadstools found in lawns are generally fairly small and brown in colour and will occur in most lawns at some point […]

How To Apply Mulch – A Step By Step Guide

what is mulching? A mulch is a loose material, either biodegradable or non-biodegradable, that is used to cover the surface of the soil or compost. Mulching is the act of applying the mulch to an area. biodegradable mulch or non-biodegradable mulch? Typical biodegradable mulches include bark, wood chips, straw and compost, which will all break […]

When is the best time of year to lay turf?

Hallstone Topsoi for Turfing

Turf can be laid any time of year except on to frozen ground, however ideal times to lay turf are in early-mid autumn and early spring, when the ground is relatively warm – which will promote new root growth – and increased rainfall may reduce the need for manual watering. Laying turf at these times of […]