Blended Loam Topsoil Bulk Bag

Excellent value for money, high-quality, multi-purpose topsoil. Relied on by landscapers and builders for successful year-round planting, turf laying and general landscaping.

  • Blend of natural topsoil with peat-free soil conditioners
  • Rich in organic matter
  • Consistent high fertility
  • Screened to minimise stone content
  • Fully traceable, responsibly sourced ingredients from within the UK – 30-point check carried out on suppliers and ingredients
  • Certified to BS 3882:2015 as suitable for homegrown use
  • Independently tested for 70+ parameters to confirm it is free from contaminants, ensuring consistency, high quality and safety.

Specifications overview

Bag size

Approximately 500 Litres (0.5m³) when packed


1 bulk bag = 10m² at 50mm depth


Typically ‘Loamy Sand’

Organic content

Typically 11%

Further product details

The ingredients in Hallstone Blended Loam Topsoil undergo rigorous testing protocols so you can be confident that it is fertile and safe for use in all landscaping and gardening projects.

It is one of the few products in the UK that uses specially selected, single-source, natural, sandy loam topsoil.

Once blended, we check the loam’s composition and fertility, at independent UKAS and MCERTS accredited laboratories. It is also analysed to confirm that it is free from contaminants.

As a result, it meets the latest British Standard, 3882:2015, and is certified as suitable for homegrown use – giving customers complete peace of mind.

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