Compost Bulk Bag

Excellent value, premium-quality, fertile, peat-free, natural compost. Ideal for all general planting or use as a soil improver. The organic matter will blend into topsoil, adding nutrients and improving structure.

  • Suitable for all general planting
  • Can also be used as a mulch
  • Add to heavy clay soils to improve drainage and workability
  • Add to chalky and sandy soils to help retain moisture
  • Responsibly produced as per BSI PAS100:2018
  • UK-sourced ingredients
  • Not recommended as a seed compost

Specifications overview

Bag size

Approximately 500 Litres (0.5m³) when packed


1 bulk bag = 10mat 50mm depth



Further product details

A natural, peat-free growing media, that promotes strong, healthy plant growth. Suitable for use in beds and borders for planting out, or as a mulch or soil improver to add fertility and improve the topsoil structure. Can also be used for containers, pots and baskets.

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