Play Grade Wood Chippings Bulk Bag

Attractive, long-lasting, untreated wood chippings for landscaping. Ideal for play areas, mulching beds and borders, or for paths and animal enclosure flooring. Premium quality at great prices.

  • Clean and untreated
  • Durable product
  • Certified to BS EN 1177:2018 Impact Attenuating Playground Surfacing – Determination of Critical Fall Height
  • FSC® certified – responsibly sourced
  • UK-sourced materials

Specifications overview

Bag size

Approximately 500 Litres (0.5m³) when packed


For general use, 1 bulk bag = 10m² at 50mm depth


Light to pale brown

Wood content

95%+ (5-30mm) with fines content (below 8mm) of less than 5%

Further product details

Naturally free-draining, wood chips make a clean play surface or animal enclosure flooring, all year round. They are often used on areas to reduce traffic wear and to a create a distinctive area for use as a pathway.

There is a recommended coverage depth of no less than 150 – 300mm if used as a play surface; for further information visit our Play Surface Safety Information page.

You can confidently use Hallstone Play Grade Wood Chippings in your landscaping schemes, knowing that the product is made from white wood with no additives, meaning there is no added coating which could impact the end user, such as stained clothes or adverse effects on animal wellbeing.

As an environmentally conscious supplier, we understand the importance of making sure our products don’t harm the environment, which is why we only source sustainable wood products, which are FSC® certified ( | FSC-C147081).

Due to the nature of the product and screening process, occasionally oversize pieces of wood may occur, these can easily be removed at the time of installation. They will soften over time, gradually decomposing and adding organic matter to the area.

Visit our recommended depths page for information on coverage, and our product calculator to work out how much to order for a specific project.

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