Bark Mulch Bulk Bag

Affordable, premium-grade, general-purpose bark mulch, sourced in the UK. Provides a natural way to enhance the appearance and performance of any landscaping scheme.

  • Adds essential nutrients to soil
  • Helps reduce evaporation
  • Helps suppress weeds
  • Protects shallow-rooted plants from frost
  • Moderates soil temperature fluctuation
  • Durable
  • FSC® certified – responsibly sourced

Specifications overview

Bag size

Approximately 500 Litres (0.5m³) when packed


1 bulk bag = 10mat 50mm depth


Mid-dark brown

White wood content

No greater than 20%

Further product details

As an environmentally conscious bark supplier, we understand the importance of making sure our products don’t harm the environment, which is why we only source sustainable wood products, which are FSC® certified ( | FSC-C147081).

Bark is a natural product so the appearance of the product may vary slightly from the images shown. Due to the nature of the product and screening process, occasionally oversized pieces of wood may occur, but these can easily be removed at the time of installation.

If you’re unsure how many bulk bags to order for a project, our Product Calculator is a quick and easy way to calculate the volume required for an area.

Product range