Hallstone shares in success of Rolawn’s ISO success

Interface ISO 9001 Certified logo

Hallstone is proud to share in the success of Rolawn’s recent ISO accreditation renewal, following audits of its environmental and quality processes. Rolawn has maintained its certification for the ISO 9001 and 14001 schemes, first awarded to the group in 2017. This ongoing certification highlights why the business is trusted by gardeners and horticulture professionals across the UK.

Ken Brewster, Rolawn’s Marketing Director, commented: “Ongoing review and refinement of products and processes has always been central to achieving the high standards that have become synonymous with Rolawn. This third-party verification that our quality and environmental systems meet the latest British and International standards provides added reassurance that our processes and systems meet the standards required to consistently provide high-quality products and services to meet customer needs.

Trust is especially relevant to the market given the findings of the topsoil mystery shop that we commissioned last year. The study highlighted an alarming disparity in quality standards across the topsoil market with almost 50% of the soils sampled found not to be suitable for use, failing to meet the British Standard for Topsoil (BS 3882:2015) for a number of reasons – including, in one instance, elevated levels of a known carcinogenic chemical.”

Ken added, “Our customers can rest assured that the two products from our own range that were tested were among those which were deemed suitable for use as topsoil in general purpose landscaping schemes and residential gardens, and were free from contamination.”  

ISO 9001 is the Quality Management System (QMS) Standard set by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), providing a framework for organisations to manage quality and continual improvement to meet both customer and regulatory requirements. ISO 14001 is the equivalent Environmental Management System (EMS) Standard which enables Rolawn to improve environmental performance in a structured way.

To gain certification, Rolawn had to have their quality and environmental management systems externally audited to ensure their compliance with the ISO standards. To maintain certification, Rolawn’s internal ISO management team is responsible for assessing and refining the systems, with ongoing external audits conducted by an independent UKAS accredited certification body, Interface NRM.