Oxygrid™ is a degradable netting which enables our sister company Rolawn to evolve the way it grows turf.  Using Oxygrid™ increases the roll strength, allowing our turf to be harvested earlier. Younger grass plants will naturally root more aggressively than older turf promoting fast-rooting, which means the lawn will become established quicker and more adaptable to the specific growing environment in your garden. This will make your lawn less vulnerable to the impacts of disease and pests and because of the reduced time the turf is growing in the field, it is kinder on the environment as fewer applications of chemicals, herbicides and fungicides will have been used. 

Other environmental benefits include:

  • a smaller carbon footprint per roll due to reduced use of fuel in farm vehicles.
  • far less water used to get your lawn established when compared to older, thicker turf. Water has to penetrated through the turf to the soil below, otherwise it sits on the surface and is lost to evaporation.

You won’t notice the netting once you’ve laid your turf and your lawn can be maintained in exactly the same way as un-netted turf. If you have an area of high wear the Oxygrid™ may become exposed, simply use scissors to cut it away.

We take our responsibility for the environment seriously at Hallstone and only work with suppliers who share our attitude towards environmental issues. Oxygrid™ is a nontoxic material that has been developed by its manufacturers for the turf industry. It naturally degrades over a period of 2 to 5 years under the influence of UV light, heat and moisture, it does not leave any toxic material or residue, and has been a part of our product for the last 5 years; Oxygrid™ is currently used in approximately 50% of our turf, with plans to increase use in future production. 

Independent test results on the performance of Oxygrid™ are available on request. If you have any questions regarding Oxygrid™ please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing us at info@hallstone.co.uk