How to measure for a new lawn

Rectangular or Square Lawns

Measuring the area for a new lawn correctly is vital to ensuring you order sufficient turf for the job. If you order less turf than you need, this could result in having to supplement the shortfall with turf from another supplier or DIY store – which is unlikely to match your freshly harvested turf – or having to postpone completion of your project while you wait for another delivery to arrive.

That said, measuring the area couldn’t be easier. Simply measure the width and length of the space to be turfed and multiply the two figures together to give you the total area.


How to measure a rectangular lawn or area of the garden

Odd-shaped lawns

Of course, not everyone has a rectangle to turf. If you have an odd shape to measure, then an easy approach is to:

  1. Measure the width and length of the area you are turfing at various points.
  2. Use graph paper or draw lines as in the example below to give you 1cm squares.
  3. Draw the shape to scale on your paper.
  4. Count the number of 1m² squares fully coloured, then;
  5. Count the number of 1m² squares partially covered and “guesstimate” that area.


How to measure odd or irregular shaped lawns and areas of the garden

As mentioned earlier, it is better to order more than you need, especially if you have estimated the measurements of some of the area you are turfing; however, even if the space has been accurately measured, we would always recommend purchasing at least an extra 5% more turf to allow for cutting and shaping.

Don’t forget you can use our turf calculator to enter multiple lengths and widths to calculate the total area to be turfed.


Turf is usually sold in rolls of 1 square metre, therefore it might be easier for you to work out how much you need to purchase if you measure your area in metres and centimetres.

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