Cheap Topsoil – Without Compromising On Quality

Hallstone Blended Loam Topsoil for general gardening, landscaping, turfing, seeding and grow your own vegetables.

The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ applies to most things in life, and it goes without saying that cheap topsoil is not necessarily going to be the best quality topsoil to use. Equally however, it’s not necessarily right to say that cheap topsoil is always detrimental. Regulated cheap topsoil ensures quality There […]

The Importance of Choosing ‘Safe’, Fertile, Consistent Topsoil

Topsoil is an important, fundamental resource. Without it the human race could not exist. We rely on topsoil to provide a growing medium for all our food and environmental resources. Living matter – plants, trees and grass cannot sustain or survive without it. Topsoil layers or ‘horizons’ Soil, naturally, is separated into layers called horizons. […]

The Benefits of Bark Chippings as Garden or Landscaping Mulch

Wood Play Chippings

What is mulch? What benefit does mulching have? What kind of materials or products are best for garden mulch? These are questions we are often asked about mulching. The last question is a lot simpler to answer because one of the most popular and commonly used garden mulches is bark chippings. For gardeners and landscapers […]

What is the difference between wood chippings, bark mulch and ornamental bark?

Natural wood products such as wood chippings and bark mulch are a popular addition to most gardens due to their versatility and the fact that when used as a mulch they naturally break down over a period of time, providing added nutrients to the soil; which isn’t the case when using inorganic mulches such as […]

How to measure for a new lawn

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Rectangular or Square Lawns Measuring the area for a new lawn correctly is vital to ensuring you order sufficient turf for the job. If you order less turf than you need, this could result in having to supplement the shortfall with turf from another supplier or DIY store – which is unlikely to match your […]

How to mow a new lawn

Golden rule of mowing any lawn The most important thing to know about mowing a lawn, is that cutting too aggressively can weaken the grass plant, inhibit growth and sometimes damage the plant beyond repair, therefore the golden rule is to never cut more than a third of the length of the grass plant away. […]

How often should a new lawn be watered?

Sprinkler on lawn watering new Hallstone Direct turf

A newly laid lawn does need a little care while it establishes in its new environment. Turf can lose moisture quickly, sometimes in under 2-3 hours after being laid, which is why it’s important that it is watered. Water stimulates the roots to grow and spread which is why the grass plants in a new […]

Topsoil selection – choosing a suitable grade and quality product

What differentiates one type of topsoil from another and why would one be suitable for home-grown produce but another unsuitable? Classification of topsoils is based on several different characteristics, from structure and fertility to content and chemical composition. It is largely influenced by the source of the product and its raw materials. Soil suitability and […]

How to lay turf

Hallstone Topsoil for Turfing Garden

First time laying turf? It’s something that even the most inexperienced gardener or landscaper can handle. Plan ahead, follow our simple instructions and take your time; if a new lawn is maintained correctly once laid, it’s a project that should only need doing once. Tools required: Turf cutter or weed killer (if applicable) Long knife, […]

What is sod heating?

Sod heating is a term used when harvested turf is suffering from heat stress due to being rolled up for too long and therefore hasn’t received any sunlight, fresh air or water; an early sign of this is when the turf looks yellow when unrolled. Though turf may have looked perfectly green when it was […]